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Fess Parker

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Category: Entertainment
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  Fess Parker

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Tall American actor.

Parker excelled in athletics while attending the University of Texas. First appearing in films in 1952, he enjoyed his first sizeable role - a Southern-accented ballplayer - in The Kid From Left Field (1953). It was, however, his one-scene bit part as a terrified witness to an "alien close encounter" in the 1954 horror classic Them! (1954) that brought Parker to the attention of Walt Disney. Parker attained worldwide popularity when cast by Disney as Davy Crockett in a series of phenomenally successful television specials. He remained on the Disney lot until 1959, starring in such films as The Great Locomotive Chase (1956), Westward Ho, the Wagons! (1957), Old Yeller (1957), and Light in the Forest (1958).

After a period out of the spotlight, Parker made a major television comeback with his title role of the weekly television adventure series Daniel Boone (1964-1969).

He later enjoyed a comfortable retirement on a fortune he had made in real estate.

This is a very fine black and white publicity photograph (8" x 10") for Disney's 1955 television special, Davy Crockett and the River Pirates, neatly signed in blue ink across the image.  In very good condition.