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Ella Raines

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Category: Entertainment
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  Ella Raines

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Lovely American actress.

After graduating from high school, Raines enrolled at the University of Washington as a student of drama and participated in many plays After stage experience, she was spotted by Howards Hawks and signed to a new film production company headed by Charles Boyer and himself. When this enterprise failed to yield fruit, Raines went to Universal Studios in 1943, where she received her best screen role - the heroine in the 1943 film noir Phantom Lady. Impressed by this performance, Paramount producer/director Preston Sturges borrowed Raines from Universal to co-star in Hail The Conquring Hero (1944)

Raines appeared in a large number of 1940’s films and her co-stars included John Wayne (Tall in the Saddle, 1944), Charles Laughton, George Sanders, Vincent Price, William Powell and Brian Donlevy.

For many years Raines lived in England and her final appearance was in the 1956 British film, Man in the Road.

This is a very pretty early vintage sepia photograph (7" x 5"), nicely signed and inscribed ("To Fred - Good luck and best best wishes always - Ella Raines") in blue fountain pen ink. In very good condition.