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Jeanette MacDonald

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Category: Entertainment
Reference No: 10506
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  Jeanette MacDonald  Jeanette MacDonald

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American actress and singer.

MacDonald had dreams of starring in grand opera, but her soprano voice, though pleasant and vibrant, was not quite up to operatic standards; she settled instead for supporting roles in Broadway musicals of the 1920s. Director Ernst Lubitsch was impressed by MacDonald's movie screen test and cast her in his 1929 film The Love Parade opposite Maurice Chevalier. In this first phase of her film career, MacDonald was a bewitching, sexy young lady who was seen in her lingerie as often as the censors allowed. One of her best early films was Monte Carlo (1930), with a memorable version of  "Beyond the Blue Horizon" in the observation car of a moving train. Offstage she clashed with frequent co-star Maurice Chevalier to the extent that neither performer would agree to work with the other after The Merry Widow (1934). Under contract to MGM in the mid-1930s, MacDonald was teamed up with baritone Nelson Eddy in Naughty Marietta, the first of eight highly popular MacDonald-Eddy film musicals. After I Married an Angel (1942), the singing team split.

MacDonald then had a go at grand opera but failed to impress critics. She continued making films, spoofing her own image in 1942's Cairo. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, MacDonald toured in concert and stage productions, playing to large and enthusiastic crowds. In 1965, she died from heart complications.

This is a very pretty vintage sepia postcard (5" x 3.5") of the young Jeanette Macdonald, signed across the image in blue ink. Some loss of readability with the signature across a dark area of the image and a horizontal crease running across the lower white margin. (The main scan has been lightened to show the signature more clearly). Priced accordingly.