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Mary Malcolm

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Category: Entertainment
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  Mary Malcolm

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Scottish broadcaster, one of the first two female announcers on BBC Television and a household name in the UK during the 1950s; the granddaughter of actress Lily Langtry.

Malcolm began her television career in 1948, after gaining broadcasting experience on the radio during the Second World War. As more and more men were called up to fight, women became increasingly in demand to fill posts at the BBC. Malcolm was taken on and worked for the Home Service as a continuity announcer from March 1942. With the relaunch of the BBC's television service after the war she worked alongside Sylvia Peters and McDonald Hobley.

At this time, a continuity host or hostess introduced all television programmes, and broadcasts were normally live. Malcolm received no training and became known for her spoonerisms. On one occasion, after she had finished reading the weather, she told the viewers: "I'm sorry, but we got the charts in the wrong order; so I'll now do the whole thing again."

With the arrival of ITV in 1955, the BBC eventually decided that viewers no longer needed a continuity announcer to soothe them between programmes and Mary Malcolm left the organisation in 1956.

This is a very fine early vintage black and white BBC photograph (5.25" x 3.5"), nicely signed in blue fountain pen ink across the lower white panel. In very good condition.