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Stuart, Jeanne   (1908-2003)
Stuart, Jeanne Lovely British stage and film actress, with a complicated and very interesting private life.
A very fine, bold signature in black ink on a vintage 1940s album page (6" x 3.75").
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ref:10696  £10.00
Kitchen Jnr, Fred   (1902-1973)
Kitchen Jnr, Fred British character actor, son of the great Music Hall star, Fred Kitchen.
A very fine signature in blue fountain pen ink on a 6" x 4.75" album page.
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ref:10691  £8.00
Mars, Marjorie   (1903-1991)
Mars, Marjorie British actress, remembered for her appearance, as Mary Norton, in the great screen weepie, Brief Encounter (1945).
An excellent signature in dark blue ink on a 4.25" x 2.25" slip of paper.

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ref:10690  £12.00
Shelton, Joy   (1922-2000)
Shelton, Joy Lovely British actress. most famous for her two wartime morale-builders from Gainsborough, Millions Like Us and Waterloo Road.
A very fine signature and inscription ("Good luck always, Wendy, Joy Shelton") in blue fountain pen ink on a vintage album page (4.5" x 4"). Scarce.
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ref:10684  £15.00
Keen, Malcolm   (1887-1970)
Keen, Malcolm

English film and television actor, best remembered for his starring roles in three early Alfred Hitchcock silent films, The Mountain Eagle (Hitchcock’s second film, 1927), The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog (1927) and The Manxman (1929).
A very fine signature and inscription ("To James, Kindest regards, Malcolm Keen") in dark blue fountain pen ink on a vintage album page (5" x 3")

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ref:10679  £12.00
Lom, Herbert   (1917-2012)
Lom, Herbert Great Czech-born character actor, long resident in Britain.
A listing of two 7.25" x 5" photographs, each showing a scene from The Ladykillers, neatly and clearly signed in blue ink across a light area of the image.
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ref:10676  £15.00
Scruggs, "Baby" Leazar   
Scruggs, Black Baltimore-born American burlesque dancer, the daughter of blues singer, Irene Scruggs.
A rare black and white publicity photograph (7" x 5.5") from 1952, showing "Baby" in her prime and signed and inscribed ("To Mr Wagner, Thank you for the nice letter, Best of luck to you, Baby Leazar Scruggs. Prince of Wales Theatre") in blue ink.
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ref:10672  £15.00
Lynn, Vera (and others)   (1917- )
Lynn, Vera (and others) Much-loved British singer, held in great esteem for work in entertaining service personnel with ENSA during World War II.
A fine sheet of paper (6" x 5") signed in ink during the Second World War by Vera Lynn and four other British stars of the period:
Jack Payne (1899-1969), bandleader
Peggy Cochrane (1902-1988), pianist, singer and composer; wife of Jack Payne
Syd Walker (1886-1945), comedy actor
John Snagge (1904-1996),  BBC newsreader and commentator

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ref:10664  £12.00
Montgomery, Douglass   (1907-1966)
Montgomery, Douglass American actor, in some excellent films in the 1930s, including Little Women (1933), opposite Katharine Hepburn.
A very fine vintage 1940s sepia photograph (5.5" x 3.5"), boldly signed across the lower margin in dark blue fountain pen ink.
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ref:10665  £12.00
Montgomery, Robert   (1904-1981
Montgomery, Robert Oscar-nominated American actor, director and producer, in some excellent films including the Hitchcock comedy, Mr and Mrs Smith (1941); father of Bewitched actress Elizabeth Montgomery.
A vintage black and white Picturegoer postcard, nicely signed across the image in dark blue fountain pen ink.

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ref:10666  £12.00
Paterson, Pat   (1910-1978)
Paterson, Pat Lovely Yorkshire-born actress, in more than 20 films but best known as the wife of Charles Boyer, who killed himself two days after she died.
A very fine signature ("Pat Paterson Boyer") in blue fountain pen ink on a 6" x 4.75" album page. SCARCE.

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ref:10661  £20.00
Picerni, Paul   (1922-2011)
Picerni, Paul American actor, in some excellent films (he was the hero in the classic 1953 horror film, House of Wax) but probably best remembered for playing Elliot Ness's number-one aide, Lee Hobson, in ABC television's The Untouchables, a role he played from 1960 to 1963.
A rare early vintage sepia photograph (7" x 5") of the very young and dapper actor, signed in blue fountain pen ink across the image.
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ref:10658  £25.00
Smith, Maggie   (1934- )
Smith, Maggie Outstanding British stage and screen actress.
A very fine signature in blue ink, cut (yes, I know!) from a black and white photograph, and on a piece measuring 4" x 2.25",

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ref:10662  £10.00
Struycken, Carel   (1948- )
Struycken, Carel Giant (7’ tall) Dutch film, television, and stage actor, probably most famous for playing Lurch in three Addams Family films.
A very fine colour photograph (8" x 10") as Mr Homn in Star Trek, neatly signed across the image in blue ink.

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ref:10651  £25.00
Todd, Ann   (1909-1993)
Todd, Ann British actress.
An original lightweight vintage British lobby card (8" x 10")  for Madeleine, the film she made with husband David Lean in 1949, boldly signed in blue fountain pen ink to the lower right margin. Scarce.
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ref:10652  £15.00
Rotha, Wanda   (1919-1982)
Rotha, Wanda Austrian stage and screen actress, long resident in London.
An excellent signature in black ink on a vintage 1950s album page (6" x 3.75"). There's a fine signature of actress Rachel Kempson to the reverse.

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ref:10648  £15.00
Nagel, Conrad   (1897-1970)
Nagel, Conrad American actor, one of the top matinee idols of the silent screen.
A very fine vintage album page (5" x 3.25"), beautifully signed in black fountain pen ink. A small collector's note indicates it was obtained, probably in Britain, on the 18th November 1935.
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ref:10645  £15.00
McKellen, Ian   (1939- )
McKellen, Ian Fine British stage and screen actor.
very fine letter, handwritten and signed in black ink on a 7" x 5.25" sheet of headed notepaper (Aldwych Theatre, EC2, 4 January 1978), mentioning his plan to stay with the Royal Shakespeare Company ("an exciting organisation to be involved with just now")

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ref:10624  £15.00
Lewis, Fiona   (1946- )
Lewis, Fiona Beautiful British actress and writer, Swinging Sixties party girl, with a glittering circle of friends and lovers that included Patrick Lichfield, George Best, Richard Burton, Oliver Reed, Roman Polanski, Cary Grant, Orson Welles, Mick Jagger, Sean Penn, Robert De Niro and Jack Nicholson.
A lovely black and white photograph (9" x 7.5") of the young Fiona Lewis, neatly signed ("F.Lewis") in blue ink across a clear area of the image.

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ref:10617  £30.00
Redgrave, Lynn   (1953-2010)
Redgrave, Lynn English actress.
A superb original vintage black and white publicity photograph (10" x 8") for Redgrave's 1967 film, Smashing Time, co-starring Rita Tushingham.  There's a bold signature in black ink across a clear area of the image.
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ref:10619  £30.00
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