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Annigoni, Pietro   (1910-1988)
Annigoni, Pietro Italian portrait painter, most famous for his superb 1956 portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.
A very fine black and white photograph (6.5" x 4.5"), neatly signed, inscribed and dated (1980) in black ink across a clear area of the image. This comes with the original mailing envelope.

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ref:9441  £50.00
Ayrton, Michael   (1921-1975)
Ayrton, Michael English artist and writer with a huge range of interests, from painting and sculpture to theatre design; most famous for his obsession with the Greek legend of Daedalus and the Minotaur.
A short note, handwritten in blue ink on a headed correspondence card (Ayrton, Bradfields, Toppesfield, nr Halstead, Essex  Feb 17 '69) to George Astley, joint Secretary of the Society of Authors.

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ref:9054  £20.00
Bailey, David   (1938- )
Bailey, David British photographer and Sixties icon.
A fine signature in blue ink on a 6" x 4" album page. (In case we didn't recognise it, Bailey has also obligingly written his full name in block capitals below.)
In 1979 London's Capital Radio began asking celebrity visitors to the station to add their signatures to an autograph album that was subsequently sold for charity.  This signature was part of that collection.

Singer Marion Montgomery to the reverse.

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ref:7936  £8.00
Bailey, David   (1938- )
Bailey, David British photographer and Sixties icon.
very fine black and white self-portrait (6" x 4.75"), boldly signed in black ink.
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ref:8667  £20.00
Beaton, Cecil   (1904-1980)
Beaton, Cecil English fashion and portrait photographer, artist, diarist and designer.
A fine signature in red pencil on a part-album page (3.5" x 2.25"). Excellent display potential.

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ref:8411  £35.00
Boehm, Joseph Edgar   (1834-1890)
Boehm, Joseph Edgar Austrian-born sculptor.
A fine ink signature and date (1882) on a small card (2.75" x 1.5")

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ref:8532  £10.00
Briggs, Raymond   (1934- )
Briggs, Raymond English illustrator and cartoonist, most famous for his story The Snowman (1978).
A very fine colour postcard showing Briggs' Father Christmas, out of his red robe and plunging into a loch (the title on the reverse is Bonny Bonny Freezin' Scotland). There's an excellent signature and date (2002) in blue ink to the reverse.

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ref:9295  £15.00
Cowham, Hilda   (1873-1964)
Cowham, Hilda English illustrator, famous for her work on children's books and ceramic nurseryware; good friend of Mabel Lucie Attwell.
A very fine signature in black fountain pen ink on a 4.25" x 2.5" slip of paper. The page is also signed in ink by Cowham's husband, Edgar Lander. VERY RARE.

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ref:8589  £40.00
Elmore, Alfred   (1815-1881)
Elmore, Alfred Irish painter.
An interesting document - a list, handwritten in ink, of seven of his paintings, with their owners (No.1 "Mary Queen of Scots and Darnley at Jedburgh". Proprietor - Angus Holdern Esq, Woodlands, Bradford) to Philip Cunliffe-Owen, October 16th 1877. This may have been in connection with the Paris 1878 Exposition Universelle which Cunliffe-Owen was organising. There's a good signature at the conclusion of the list.

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ref:6241  £20.00
Faed, Thomas   (1826-1900)
Faed, Thomas Scottish pinter, said to have done for Scottish art what Robert Burns did for Scottish song.
fine signature in black fountain pen ink, cut from the bottom of a handwritten letter to Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria. 
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ref:6234  £10.00
Fantoni, Barry   (1940- )
Fantoni, Barry British Private Eye cartoonist, writer and jazz musician, creator of the obituary poet, E.J.Thribb and co-creator (with Richard Ingrams) of Royal correspondent Silvie Krin.
A very fine vintage 1960s photograph (8" x 8.25") boldly signed in period in blue ink across the image. RARE.

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ref:8492  £30.00
Frith, William Powell   (1819-1909)
Frith, William Powell Yorkshire-born painter and good friend of Charles Dickens.
A fine signature in black fountain pen ink, cut from the bottom of a letter, on a small piece (2.75" x 1.5") laid to card.

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ref:6237  £10.00
Giles, Carl Ronald   (1916-1995)
Giles, Carl Ronald Great English cartoonist.
A fine signature and date ("Very best wishes - Giles '48. Daily Express") on a a slightly irregularly cut card (approximately 4" x 1.75").

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ref:9299  £20.00
Holl, Frank   (1845-1888)
Holl, Frank English painter and portraitist, much admired by Vincent Van Gogh and Queen Victoria, who worked himself to death at the age of 43.
A very fine 3-page letter on headed notepaper (The Three Gables, Fitzjohn's Avenue, N.W., Feb 17 1886), handwritten and signed in black ink to a Scottish judge, George L. MacFarlane. It's a wonderful letter, with Holl hustling (very politely) for yet more work - he gives his scale of fees for portraits but makes it plain, in a very convoluted form, that they are negotiable. (as well they might be - he's asking, for a full length portrait, the equivalent today of £78,000!)

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ref:9440  £30.00
Leighton, Frederic   (1830-1896)
Leighton, Frederic Great English painter.
A very fine ink signature ("Sir Frederic Leighton") cut from a third-person letter* on a piece measuring (4.25" x 1.25").

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ref:8734  £10.00
Leighton, Frederic   (1830-1896)
Leighton, Frederic Great English painter.
A fine one-page letter, mentioning the King of Sweden, on headed notepaper (2 Holland Park Road, Kensington, W., no date), handwritten and signed in ink.
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ref:8737  £50.00
Leighton, Frederic   (1830-1896)
Leighton, Frederic Great English painter.
A fine two-page letter on Athenaeum Club, Pall Mall, blind-headed notepaper (28.6.92), handwritten and signed in ink, aplogising for his inability to supply an invitation ticket.
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ref:8738  £50.00
Nolan, Sidney   (1917-1992)
Nolan, Sidney Australian painter, one of his country's best known and most famous for his iconic series of paintings of the Australian outlaw, Ned Kelly.
A very fine signature and inscription in blue ink on a 5.5" x 3.5" white card.
Perfect for display mounting

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ref:4498  £50.00
Riviere, Briton   (1840-1920)
Riviere, Briton British painter of animal subjects, especially dogs.
A fine signature in black fountain pen ink on a 4" x 2" white card.

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ref:6232  £10.00
Scott, Peter   (1909-1989)
Scott, Peter
Great English ornithologist and artist, son of Robert Falcon Scott (“Scott of the Antarctic”).
A Benham's First Day Cover commemorating The British Butterfly Conservation Society and featuring four lovely Royal Mail butterfly stamps. Posted at Slimbridge on the 13th May 1981, it has been nicely signed by Peter Scott in black ink.


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ref:3781  £10.00
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