Charles Lee offers over 40 years of experience in collecting and authenticating autographs.

This catalogue reflects his own collecting preferences - autographs from the Golden Age of Hollywood, lovely signed vintage sepia photographs, scarce character actors, clean album pages and cards for matting with a favourite picture and unusual and difficult to find rarities.

Charles is a recognised authority on Vivien Leigh and his catalogue always offers a wonderful selection of authentically signed Vivien Leigh material.

This catalogue is updated with new stock and deletions on a daily basis (sometimes several times a day).

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Charles is picky about quality - items generally are in very good condition indeed and any faults are carefully described in the text.

Featured Autographs

Allister, Claud

Allister, Claud  (1888-1970)

English character actor with an extensive film career in both Britain and Hollywood, where he appeared in more than 70 films between 1929 and 1955, including Bulldog Drummond (as Algy opposite Ronald Colman,1929)  Jean Harlow’s Platinum Blonde (1931), Charles Laughton’s The Private Life of Henry VIII (1933), The Private Life of Don Juan (starring Douglas Fairbanks, 1934), Dracula’s Daughter (1936), Pride and Prejudice (1940) and W.C Field’s Never Give a Sucker an Even Break (1941).

A rare vintage sepia photograph (9.5" x 7.5"), nicely signed in dark blue fountain pen ink across the image.


ref:13602  £125.00
Anderson, Judith

Anderson, Judith  (1898-1992)

Australian-born actress, for nearly 70 years one of the foremost Shakespearean actresses of the stage, but most famous for her role as the obsessed housekeeper Mrs. Danvers in Rebecca (1940). 

A lovely black and white photograph (8" x 10") with a rare uninscribed signature ("Good Wishes, Judith Anderson") in dark blue fountain pen ink. In mint condition.

ref:15766  £125.00
Andrews, Julie

Andrews, Julie  (1935- )

British actress and singer.

A beautiful black and white photograph (8" x 10") boldly signed in black ink across the image.

ref:15416  £225.00
Astor, Mary

Astor, Mary  (1906-1987)

American actress, perhaps most famous for her role as the homicidal and gloriously untrustworthy Brigid O'Shaughnessy opposite Humphrey Bogart’s Sam Spade in The Maltese Falcon (1941). She reprised this role with Bogart in Across The Pacific (1942).

A lovely vintage glossy sepia photograph (a little less than 9" x 7"), nicely signed and inscribed in ink in period.

ref:13842  £75.00
Baer, Max

Baer, Max  (1909-1959)

American boxer who was the World Heavyweight Champion from 14 June 1934 to 13 June 1935; he often credited working as a butcher boy, carrying heavy carcasses of meat, for developing his powerful shoulders.

A very fine vintage sepia photograph (8" x 10"), boldly signed and dated ("Very best wishes, Sincerely, Max  Baer 2/15/34") in blue ink, just four months before he became World Heavyweight Champion.

ref:15382  £250.00
Bernstein, Leonard

Bernstein, Leonard  (1918-1990)

Prodigiously talented American conductor, composer, pianist, and teacher, whose many fine classical compositions are overshadowed by his hugely successful scores for the Broadway shows On The Town (1944) and, especially, West Side Story (1957).

A stunning black and white photograph (8" x 10"), beautifully signed and inscribed ("For John Street, Best wishes, Leonard Bernstein") in dark blue fountain pen ink across the lower white margin. A PEACH!

ref:15818  £250.00
Berry, Chuck

Berry, Chuck  (1926-2017)

Legendary American guitarist, singer and songwriter, one of the pioneers of rock and roll music.

A big, bold signature in blue ink on an 8" x 6" sheet of white cartridge paper. The signature was obtained IN PERSON  on the 15th July 2004.

ref:15381  £125.00
Blanc, Mel

Blanc, Mel  (1908-1989)

Great American entertainer, the voice of Bugs Bunny and other legendary cartoon characters.

A very fine colour photograph (8" x 10") of Mel Blanc at his desk, surrounded by a montage of all the legendary cartoon characters whose voices he created over his long career. Blanc neatly signed and inscribed ("Hi Irene, Mel Blanc, 8/7/79") the photograph in blue ink, taking care to do so across clear areas of the image.

ref:15454  £125.00
Bradman, Don

Bradman, Don  (1908-2001)

Legendary Australian cricketer, unchallenged as his country’s greatest sporting hero. Bradman retired in 1948 with 6,996 runs in 52 Tests for the stunning average of 99.94, which experts say will never be equalled, let alone surpassed.

A very fine First Day Cover, celebrating the life of Don Bradman "The Australian Legend", and featuring cricketing stamps that were franked in both Australia and Britain in 1997. It has been signed ink by both Don Bradman and Britain's Colin Cowdrey (1932-2000).

ref:15442  £125.00
Brambell, Wilfred

Brambell, Wilfred  (1912-!985)

Irish character actor, most famous for his portrayal of Albert Steptoe in television’s hugely popular Steptoe & Son (1964-1973).

A very rare John Maltby black and white photograph (8.5" x 6") of a Grace Felicity Bush (1913-1991) portrait of the young and dapper Brambell, nicely signed and inscribed ("John Street - very sincerely yours, Wilfrid Brambell") in blue fountain pen ink across the lower margin. 

Brambell wasn't anything like the grubby Albert Steptoe in real life and he hated that image. This portrait was how he saw himself.

ref:15813  £125.00
Lugosi, Bela

Lugosi, Bela  (1882-1956)

Iconic Hungarian-American actor, best remembered for playing Count Dracula, on stage and in film

This is an extraordinary memento of the twilight years of a great Hollywood legend.

In the early 1950s a great British fan of horror, John Street, decided to write to his hero, Bela Lugosi, to tell him how wonderful his acting and his films were (and John Street’s fan letters were exceptional).

We can only imagine how the actor, largely forgotten by Hollywood, short of money, living in a rented dump in a rundown area of Los Angeles and with only Ed Woods interested in him, responded to John’s letter of praise. But we have a clue in the form of this vintage sepia photograph (about 6” x 4.25”) of Lugosi in his prime, boldly signed in green ink. We have further evidence in the actual envelope Lugosi used, which is signed in the same green ink (“B.Lugosi, 4601 Rodeo Lane, Los Angeles 16, California). The envelope has two British Queen Elizabeth stamps that John Street presumably enclosed, showing that his fan letter was sent after 1952.

The margins of the photograph have been trimmed and there are two small flecks missing from the surface of the lower right corner edge but overall condition is good. The envelope shows evidence that it was exposed to light rain, but Lugosi’s signature and address remain completely readable. (The yellow post-it is for collector privacy.)

A very rare treasure from the Ed Wood years.

ref:15243  £1,500.00