Charles Lee offers over 40 years of experience in collecting and authenticating autographs.

This catalogue reflects his own collecting preferences - autographs from the Golden Age of Hollywood, lovely signed vintage sepia photographs, scarce character actors, clean album pages and cards for matting with a favourite picture and unusual and difficult to find rarities.

Charles is a recognised authority on Vivien Leigh and his catalogue always offers a wonderful selection of authentically signed Vivien Leigh material.

This catalogue is updated with new stock and deletions on a daily basis (sometimes several times a day).

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Charles is picky about quality - items generally are in very good condition indeed and any faults are carefully described in the text.

Featured Autographs

Anderson, Judith

Anderson, Judith  (1898-1992)

Australian-born actress, for nearly 70 years one of the foremost Shakespearean actresses of the stage, immortalised by her role as the obsessed housekeeper Mrs. Danvers in Rebecca (1940).

A superb National Film Archive black and white photograph (8" x 10") of Anderson, as Mrs Danvers, in a confrontation with Joan Fontaine in Rebecca.

ref:14030  £150.00
Andrews, Julie

Andrews, Julie  (1935- )

British actress and singer.

A beautiful black and white photograph (8" x 10") boldly signed in black ink across the image.


ref:13824  £225.00
Atwill, Lionel

Atwill, Lionel  (1885-1946)

English stage and screen actor, most famous for his appearances in classic horror films in the 1930s, including leading roles in Doctor X (1932), The Vampire Bat, Murders in the Zoo and Mystery of the Wax Museum (all 1933), and perhaps most memorably as the one-armed Inspector Krogh in Son of Frankenstein (1939), a role famously parodied by Kenneth Mars in Mel Brooks' 1974 satire Young Frankenstein. He appeared in four subsequent Universal Frankenstein films as well as many other of the studio's beloved chillers.

A very fine vintage sepia photograph (7" x 5"), neatly signed in black ink across the image. RARE.

ref:14033  £395.00
Baker, Josephine

Baker, Josephine  (1906-1975)

American-born entertainer and singer who became a French citizen in 1937.

A superb signature ("Aug 24, 1974, kind and friendly regards, Josephine Baker") in blue ink on a 5" x 5" sheet of blue notepaper. (Baker, very sadly, died less than 8 months after sending this to the fan.)

ref:13883  £95.00
Bardot, Brigitte

Bardot, Brigitte  (1934- )

Sultry French actress; archetypal sex kitten who was the first foreign-language star ever to attain a level of international success comparable to America's most popular homegrown talents.
A rare vintage black and white advertising card (13" x 10") for the French soft drink, Pschitt, featuring Brigitte Bardot in a swimming costume and boldly signed by her across the image in blue ink. (It's believed that Bardot modelled for this company in 1956). UNUSUAL.
ref:9715  £50.00
Clive, Colin

Clive, Colin  (1898-1937)

British actor, immortalised by his feverish, driven performance as Dr. Frankenstein in Frankenstein (1931) and Bride of Frankenstein (1935), both directed by his friend, James Whale.

An exceptionally rare vintage 1930s postcard, neatly signed in ink.

ref:13592  £595.00
Colman, Ronald

Colman, Ronald  (1891-1958)

Distinguished British actor, with a wonderful voice and impeccable screen image, star of some great screen classics.
A magnificent vintage sepia fan magazine photograph (9.5" x 8") which has been professionally dry-mounted to white board (11.75" x 13.5"), with a very fine display mount, hinged at its top edge to allow easy inspection of the photograph. There's an excellent signature in blue ink across the image.

ref:9478  £60.00
Williams, Kenneth

Williams, Kenneth  (1926-1988)

Great British comedy actor.
A very fine black and white photograph (5.5" x 3.5"), beautifully signed and inscribed ("To John, Kenneth Williams") in black ink to the lower white panel.
ref:10101  £125.00