Sessue Hayakawa

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Sessue Hayakawa
Sessue Hayakawa
Sessue Hayakawa

Japanese actor.

Hayakawa arrived in America as a student in 1908 and after graduating joined a Japanese theatre troupe in California where he was spotted by the great film producer Thomas Ince. His first hit was The Typhoon (1914) and he quickly became an adept at playing oriental heroes and suave villains.

A leading man in over 100 silent films and earning over $7500 a week (a vast fortune in those days), Hayakawa lived life in Hollywood’s fast lane, gambling regularly in Monte Carlo where it said he once lost $965,000 in one night.

His career declined with the arrival of sound, reviving briefly after the war when he appeared with Bogart in Tokyo Joe (1949) and with Claudette Colbert in Three Came Home (1950).

Hayakawa won late Hollywood acclaim when he received an Academy Award nomination for his portrayal of Colonel Saito in The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957).

This is a wonderful early signature on a vintage album page (8" x 6.5"), signed and dated ("With best wishes, Sessue Hayakawa, April 26 -1924, Birmingham") in dark blue fountain pen ink. In excellent condition.