Christine Keeler

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Christine Keeler
Christine Keeler

British model and call girl.

Keeler was immortalised in 1963 when Macmillan’s Secretary of State for War John Profumo had an affair with her, at much the same time was sleeping with a Russian assistant Naval Attache, Eugene Ivanov.

Profumo at first denied intimacy with Keeler to the House of Commons, but when the truth emerged resigned with dignity. The Naval officer was called back to Moscow and never heard from again. Apparently, Christine Keeler also had an affair with the Pakistani ruler Ayub, who quickly returned to Pakistan after the scandal broke.

Keeler was subject to a murder attempt by her boyfriend and landed in jail for 9 months on Dec. 6, 1963.

This is a very fine hardback first edition copy of her 2001 autobiography The Truth At Last (Sidgwick & Jackson), nicely signed in black ink to the main title page. In excellent condition, and complete with its dustwrapper, which is in good condition.