About Clickautographs and Charles Lee

Charles Lee's love affair with autographs began back in 1961 following a chance meeting with the great English actor Charles Laughton outside the Opera House in Manchester.

Says Charles:

The wonderful thing about dealing is that I get to own, however briefly, an amazing variety of beautiful autographs. It's always a wrench when I have to part with them - I never buy anything I wouldn't want in my own collection - but there's always something new, something interesting to enjoy just around the corner!
It's the greatest privilege in the world to make a business out of a hobby you love."

As his inventory has grown, Charles has found it increasingly difficult to show all of his material.

"At first I used to take one small suitcase to fairs. Then it was two. Then it was two suitcases I could barely carry. Finally it was a matter of what to leave at home. An online catalogue was the obvious answer."

This catalogue reflects his own collecting preferences - autographs from the Golden Age of Hollywood, lovely signed vintage sepia photographs, scarce character actors, clean album pages and cards for matting with a favourite picture and unusual and difficult to find rarities.