Colin Clive

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Colin Clive
Colin Clive

British actor.

Clive was born in France to a British colonel and his wife. His own military career was cut short by a knee injury, which fortunately did not prevent him from becoming an actor. Clive was brought to Hollywood on the strength of his stage performance in Journey's End, itself filmed in 1930. He spent the rest of his movie career commuting between England and America, his best work all in Hollywood.

Clive was immortalised by his feverish, driven performance as Dr. Frankenstein in Frankenstein (1931) and Bride of Frankenstein (1935), both directed by his Journey's End mentor James Whale. He may be the only cinema's Dr. Frankenstein to be taller (by about an inch) than the actor playing his monster, Boris Karloff (this isn’t apparent in the films, since Karloff added on considerable size with lifts and padding).

He was also seen as Rochester in the first talkie version of Jane Eyre (1934).

Clive was a chronic alcoholic, and this hastened his death from tuberculosis at the age of just 39.

This is an exceptionally rare vintage 1930s postcard, neatly signed in ink. There's a light bend in the top right corner but otherwise in very good condition.