Richard Greene

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Richard Greene

Charming, tall, handsome, dimpled, black-haired British actor.

The son of an actor and actress, he joined a repertory company in his teens and at the age of 20 he was brought to Hollywood by 20th Century-Fox as a potential rival to MGM's Robert Taylor. Greene made his screen debut in 1938 and over the next few years became a very popular matinee idol in romantic and swashbuckling leads. His career was interrupted by service in World War II, and when he returned he found it difficult to regain his momentum.

Greene became a star all over again on television, when he played an amiable Robin Hood in the long-running British series The Adventures of Robin Hood (1955-1959), which was syndicated worldwide. This made him rich enough not to have to worry too much about acting, and his later years were spent happily breeding horses in Ireland.
A candid sepia publicity photograph (8" x 6.5") for his 1943 film The Yellow Canary, showing Greene next to his co-star Anna Neagle (1904-1986), with Neagle's husband, producer Herbert Wilcox  in the line-up to their left. Greene has signed across a clear area of the image in green ink, and Anna Neagle has signed in blue fountain pen ink. In very fine condition.
This is a rare and possibly unique item - it came from Anna Neagle's own collection of her film photographs, bought after her death by a collector.