Eugene Stratton

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Eugene Stratton

American-born music hall minstrel star, long in Britain.

Stratton first came to London with Haverly's Minstrels, a famous troupe. When they returned home he stayed, joined the Moore and Burgess Minstrels at the old St. James's Hall, in Piccadilly (on the site of the Piccadilly Hotel) and married the boss’ daughter.

Stratton became a music hall star as a solo act, blacking up and performing The Dandy Coloured Coon and The Idler, the latter to an excellent soft-shoe dance.

He had a wonderful friendship and partnership with Leslie Stuart, a church organist, who wrote many of his greatest hits, including Little Dolly Daydream, The Little Octoroon and The Lily of Laguna. Sadly, this partnership ended with a trivial quarrel over a horse race and they never spoke to each other again.

Stratton was a real star, earning £300 a week even before 1914.

This is a superb vintage J.Beagles postcard, in blackface, boldly signed across the image in black fountain pen ink. Some small, easily removable album remains to the reverse but otherwise in very good condition.